To help out you Hooligans this Valentine’s Day, I’ve consulted the movies to give you some ideas on how to show your love to that special someone.

10. Serenade her

10 things.jpg

10 Things I Hate About You – Patrick Verona embarrasses himself by singing ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ to win the heart of Kat Stratford.

9. Dance with herDance with her.jpg

Dirty Dancing – “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”, and then Johnny sweeps her off her feet.

8. Hold a boombox above your head, playing her favourite song, while standing outside her window

say anything.png

Say Anything – This is the iconic romantic gesture from the 80’s. If I have to explain this to you then your Big Screen Hooligans membership will be revoked.

7. Love her, even more, when she’s an ogre than you did when she was a Princess


Shrek – After Princess Fiona turns into an ogre, Shrek just looks at her and says, “You’re beautiful”.

6.  Read to her


The Notebook – She is suffering from Dementia, so he comes to her every day to read her their love story.

5.  Share a meal


Lady & The Tramp – The sharing of a meal has never been more romantic.

4.  Buy her flowers


Stranger than Fiction – Ana is a baker, so to show his love, Harold buys her ‘flours’ instead of ‘flowers’.

3. Shout her name after Apollo Creed has beaten you close to death


Rocky – Even after he just went toe to toe with the champ, even after he was beaten to within an inch of his life, even while the crowd is cheering his name, Rocky only wants one person; Adrian!

2.  Give her the Iron Man suit to protect her

Iron Man_3.jpg

Iron Man 3 – When their home is being blown up by missiles, Tony Stark calls on the Iron Man suit and sends it to protect Pepper. His first instinct, in a moment where he could have died, was to protect the woman he loves.

1. Treat every date like a First Date


50 First Dates – Lucy suffers from a rare case of amnesia where she can’t make new memories. So, at the end of every day, she forgets that she met Henry. He then proceeds to treat each and every day as if it’s the first time they met and take her on a new first date every day.

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That is all.



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