IN A WORLD filled with mediocre and recycled movies, where directors and studio heads constantly clash following creative differences, BIG SCREEN HOOLIGANS will give you honest reviews with their only weapon…SUBJECTIVITY!

The Big Screen Hooligans are a team of avid movie fans. They consist of:


el Proktor- “He came, he saw, he reviewed!”


Emma- “Her life was in their hands. Now her review is in the mail!”


Ramz- “After a review he can’t remember comes a review he’ll never forget!”


Storm-“Not all reviewers are scary people. Not if it’s one fighting terrible movies one day at a time!”


Tashneem-“She was 125lbs. of solid dork until she became a reviewer. Now she’s 57kg of dork!”


ThatNomadShad- “Escape or die reviewing!”


The Chairman-“Just because he reviews you doesn’t mean he likes you!”