Chairman’s View – Who could replace Ben Affleck as Batman?

There seems to be constant turmoil at Warner Bros and the DCEU. With all the talk of Ben Affleck wanting to leave entirely, it made me think of who could take over cowl.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Ben has been the best Batman yet. Yes, yes, I hear the groans from the Christian Bale fans. Bale was a great Batman but a terrible Bruce Wayne, so bad that everyone kind of knew that Bruce Wayne was THE BAT. Ben brought a believable balance to the character, one that you would also need to be a billionaire with endless resources to uncover his identity.


So the criteria I am using is an actor who can play a convincing billionaire playboy, with the alter ego that counters that idea, it has to still be an older looking and experienced Bruce Wayne/Batman. I have picked 5 actors who I think could do it.

  1. Bradley Cooper – Not sure why he has been overlooked for the superhero genre in the past, but Bradley definitely has the look to fill out the Bruce Wayne playboy mantel and has the physicality to be Batman. No body doubles required here.


  1. Gabriel Macht – Mainly known for his television role as Harvey Spector, he has already dipped his foot into the superhero pool once before as “The Spirit” (2008). I know the film was a flop, but I don’t think that this due to his acting capabilities. He has a slick, smooth and devilish charm to him, and he would available on the cheap.gabriel-macht.jpg
  1. Matt Bomer – The “nearly man” of so many roles, he seems to be considered for everything but gets nothing. He has the looks, maybe even a bit too pretty. The make-up team might need to ugly him up a bit. He doesn’t look 39, and I have the feeling that he will never look his age.


  1. John Krasinski – Believe it or not, John was up for the Captain America before Chris Evans landed the role. This was my least confident of the picks due to his dopey face, however after seeing “13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” (2015), his gritty performance gave me a bit of hope. His is lacking in the Bruce Wayne presence to a large extent.krasinski.jpg
  1. Leonardo Di Caprio – Wait, don’t laugh, give me a moment to explain. If the studio wanted to make a splash if Ben drops out Leo could be the buzz that would bring some life to the universe. I doubt he would be up to the physicality of the role, but hey he fought a bear. We would add a significant jolt to the budget, but I don’t see a Batman movie starring Leo ever losing money.


What do you think of my choices? Do you have anyone in mind that I haven’t thought of? Have a read of our latest reviews and follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


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