T2: Trainspotting – “Relapse”

First there was an opportunity……then there was a betrayal. Twenty years have gone by. Much has changed but just as much remains the same. Mark Renton returns to the only place he can ever call home.

They are waiting for him: Spud, Sick Boy, and Begbie. Other old friends are waiting too: sorrow, loss, joy, vengeance, hatred, friendship, love, longing, fear, regret, diamorphine, self-destruction and mortal danger, they are all lined up to welcome him, ready to join the dance.


“That Nomad Shad” – In a world that has becomes saturated with sequels and reboots, lets have a sequel to one of the best British films ever made…


…And is actually really good!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not better than the original, but it’s a great film! Picking up 20 years after Renton fled with the money, we follow Renton’s return home and the gang’s reaction to his return.


This is a great piece of nostalgia, and is a great reunion for many of these characters. We see how much they’ve changed, and how they try to fit into a world that in which has changed.

My biggest fear is that this film will be harshly judged against the original. Yes, it’s not as good. Yes, I shouldn’t have watched the original the night before watching this. But, this is still a damn good sequel. This feels like the younger sibling that will get kakked on for getting a B because his/her elder sibling got an A.


I’m recommending that you check this one out. T2: Trainspotting is a STERK LEKKER!



Dala: Don’t think twice – 100% -80%
Sterk Lekker – 79% – 70%
Jol – 69 – 50%
Minute – 49% – 25%

Hondborsel – 24% – 0%

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