The 5 stages of Star Wars VII:



Stage 1: Denial and Anger– Making another movie in the franchise of the century without its father, George Lucas, they can’t…they just can’t. And umm DISNEY?!
“How dare they! It’s can’t be true! CANNOT. COMPUTE.”

Stage 2: Anticipating Disappointment– Constantly reading updates regarding the movie, only to discover that it’s veiled in secrecy.
“What are they trying to hide? Secrets can only mean one thing…it’s going to be ‘KAK’!”

Stage 3: The trailer- OFFICIAL EXCITEMENT!
“OMG, it looks SO good, maybe my doubts were unwarranted! How can I doubt the franchise?”

Stage 4: 16 December 2015– Less than a month leading up to the premier
“OMG, what if I was being too optimistic and it’s just going to be disappointingly ‘KAK’? CANNOT. DEAL.”

Stage 5: ACCEPTANCE -In the form of chocolate and the Star Wars OST. “Let’s just wing it.”


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