Café Society – “Un café por favor”

Looking for an exciting career, young Bobby Dorfman leaves New York for the glitz and glamour of 1930s Hollywood. After landing a job with his uncle, Bobby falls for Vonnie, a charming woman who happens to be his employer’s mistress.

Settling for friendship but ultimately heartbroken, Bobby returns to the Bronx and begins working in a nightclub. Everything falls into place when he finds romance with a beautiful socialite, until Vonnie walks back into his life and captures his heart once again.


That Nomad Shad – So Woody Allen returns to the director’s chair to bring us that classic Woody Allen special. But is it a fine blend or just an instant fix?

So let’s set the record straight, I regard Annie Hall as Allen’s best film to date, and quite frankly this doesn’t hit that level. That being said I actually liked this film, the dialogue was great, the cast was good, and the film was entertaining.


If you know Allen’s work then this might not be your cup of TEA (pun intended). It’s full of really good dialogue and has a slow pace for you to digest 1930’s Hollywood. We see how life was not so different to the world that we live in…well apart from cellphones, internet, processed food, and crocs.

So life in Hollywood in the 30’s was all about finding fame and making it big in the easiest possible way. It’s almost a reflection of today’s insta culture. Kinda scary…


Let’s not forget our thrilling cast, we’ve got Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg, and Kristen “No Facial expression” Stewart. Hold onto your fucking hats, because I’m about to make the single most contentious statement in film circles everywhere…I thought Stewart was the best performance…

While you getting your pitchforks and building a stake to burn my ass, let me explain. He character is complex and has one of the most relatable story-lines in the film. She even smiles…who knew. It was great. Steve once again showed his acting chops in a more dramatic role and Jesse was well Jesse, but neither of them really captivated me.


The film has a few awkward plot points, they feel a little bit out of place, but doesn’t detract from the overall film. My biggest qualm is that is feels a little samey from Allen. We’ve seen him do it before and do it better too.

This won’t win an Oscar but is definitely worth a watch!

Let us know what you thought of the movie!

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