Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – “But you did though”

Investigator Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) springs into action after the arrest of Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders), an Army major accused of treason. Suspecting foul play, Jack embarks on a mission to prove that the head of his old unit is innocent.

After crossing paths with the law, Reacher must now go on the lam to uncover the truth behind a major government conspiracy that involves the death of U.S. soldiers.


“The Chairman” – Tom Cruise is a really amazing (talking about acting now), doing his own stunts at this age is something to behold. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back doesn’t disappoint on the action front. There are no quick cuts and shaky cam…I am looking at you Jason Bourne.

Patrick Heusinger as The Hunter was truly ominous, his unpredictable natural added to the thrill of the movie. It’s a pity that he appears infrequently throughout the piece. Robert Knepper as the string-pulling villain doesn’t really work at all, he should’ve taken notes from Werner Herzog. I am all for strong women characters but Colbie Smulders does her gender a bit of a disservice here, running head first into danger at every turn and needs to be saved and then is irked by this.

“The Hunter”

There is a bit of “sequel syndrome” at play here, it doesn’t live up to its predecessor in plot or visuals. In fact there is a character in the movie that you are forced to care about, and then the movie pulls a bait-and-switch on the audience. The plot is wishy-washy, with the script smacking you in the face with key plot points. Like literally, even the untrained eye would be able to see them (look at this…..it will be important later).

If you like the first movie then I would recommend this follow-up, but if this is the first you have heard of Jack Reacher then watch the first movie.


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  1. Also, I think you were waaaay to soft on this movie. What a load of drivel. Too Long, too boring. Although Cobie got some cool fight scenes. I am rather suprised that she agreed to do this movie.

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