Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – “GAME OVER”

Picking up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead.

Now, she must return to where the nightmare began – The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse.



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Going in, I expected BIG BADABOOM and it doesn’t disappoint, but it also doesn’t deliver and If you new to the franchise, don’t worry Alice (Milla Jovovich) sums up 10 years worth of zombie ass kicking in 5 minutes, not bad, but not good too.

I am a bit of a Milla fan, I follow her Instagram, twitter and I knew when they were down the road filming right next to our office, when she was jogging on the hills of Table mountain and that her daughter was even flown down to be with her while she was down here filming and maybe that is why you can see her scowl in the movie feels quite genuine, you can see, there are times where she really does not act, she is really pissed off at something or someone.

They cover 10 YEARS in 5 movies, this being the 6th and final instalment, I say final, because Alice says its her Final one, yeah from the trailer, the intro and even after the death of the stuntwomen, even Milla… according to the gossip rags, says she does not want to do another one, but how true is this….

But why 10 years? The original was released in 2002, so then it has to be 10 movie years……10 years since the T virus infected all the poor bastards, starting here in Cape Town, yep according to this latest chapter Cape town was the source of the outbreak…….yep Table mountain is shown, Table Bay, hell even the unfinished highway in the foreshore, and it does look beautiful, yet creepy in all its apocalyptic cgi glory. Well done CGI people.

So Alice goings around looking to find the last of humanity and occasionally runs into enhanced undead things and kills them in the most dramatic way, so essentially its like the last 5 movies, the Anime and the Playstation game. The original was a masterpiece, taking the Playstation Game noire and making it a live action, utter brilliance, when done properly, but this is not like the first movie or second or third and its not Paul Anderson’s fault or Milla or even Sony’s fault, but I blame Tv series like Ash, Walking Dead and the like for numbing our senses to the whole Zombie Virus thing. Anderson does a great job, there are those moments that really make you shit yourself, but they are far and few between and sometimes expected. The recap at the beginning of the movie outlines the main characters, but really means nothing if you have not watched the rest of the chapters as they refer to shit that was done previously and boy do the repeat the 10 year thing, every chance the show the Umbrella corp they mention it. You half expect Morpheus to jump out and give his Zion speech..WE HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR 10 YEEARS…” and that does make the script feel patched together from prequels and there are even mechanical and biblical references that are straight out of Johnny Mnemonic and even Matrix.

My real pet peeves are Wesker, what the hell, man… your mouth when you speak, with his Guile haircut, and Neo clothes, and that Anderson was trying to shoot this like the Manga movies that came out, yes there are scenes that try first person game style, but it does not work, leave that to the Manga anime movies. Last but not least is; why the hell is the Heroes chic still alive (Ali Larter), she does jack shit in all the damn movies, oh no, sorry she drove a damn truck around in one of the prequels.

So is it worth watching?

As a Milla fan, hell, I even watched the 4th Kind, because she was the lead. As a Resident Evil fan, it is the conclusion to the 10 years…….or so they say. As a Cape Town-ion, yes, just to see how messed up Cape Town can get..and As a movie fan? I am honestly going to say wait for it on DVD box set if you are a fan for sci-fi or Box Office. It was great in 2002, and yes there are plot twists , but they somehow become predictable and that is when Anderson should scare the shit out of you. and it doesn’t come…….maybe in the next one……..FINAL CHAPTER, my Ass, this is Hollywood.

Let us know what you thought of the movie!

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