“Is everything in place?” This was the very first thing that was said at the very beginning of the hit movie ‘The Matrix’ that soon catapulted to cult status. I think that there are VERY FEW people in the world who do not like or appreciate this movie in some way or the other.

Since the release of this trend setting film on the 31st of March 1999 many things in many ways were never the same, I mean who was not impressed by Neo dodging and then later stopping bullets?

As we were taken on this rollercoaster ride, on this journey of the saviour of Zion, many things were mentioned and brought up in the trilogy. Many things that left us wondering what the story was behind those particular mentions, for example the dialogue between Seraph and Agent Smith:

Smith: “Well, well. It’s been a long time. I remember chasing you is like chasing a ghost.”

Seraph: “I have beaten you before!”

Smith: “Yes, true, but as you can see things are a little different now.”

Dialogue like this is what this article is about.

Would you not want to know what Seraph and Smith were referring to? Would it not be amazing to see this interaction before Neo’s time as “The One”?

Another dialogue that peeks the interest is the conversation between Neo and The Architect. I would like to highlight the following:

Neo: “You haven’t answered my question.”

Architect: “Quite right. Interesting…. That was quicker than the others.”

What others? We were never given a proper background about Neo’s predecessors and how or where they failed. Would it not be amazing to be told the stories of those that came before Neo?

Would you or would you not want to know?


So, I propose the following:

A series that tells the story of some of the unexplained things that were mentioned in the movie. A series that would give us context and background into what has now turned out to be one of the films that revolutionised the film industry.

Can you imagine the story of “The One” from the beginning? Who was the 1st one and how many have there really been?

Every season on this series would focus on a different saviour of Zion and at the end of the season we would witness their demise and the introduction of the new “One”. This would happen until we get to Neo (Season 5) where we would be treated to the scene from the actual movie where Neo wakes up at his desk and sees the green writing on his desktop. The beginning of the next season would then either start off with life without Neo or the series would end where Neo woke up.

Who would you like to see as “The One”?


Would Michael Jai White not make an interesting member of the “One” family?


Net 2.jpg

Special thanks to the following Hooligan for contributing the above article:

Olwam Magona

Follow him on twitter @Olwam_


  1. This is a great idea! There’s even space to do Origins of the other characters, leading up to Neo. I’d love to see who inspired Morpheus or the team before Neo’s arrival. Maybe that could be the final season??

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  2. Not a bad idea but I think I would have preferred if the Matrix was just a single film without any sequels. So I’m not entirely convinced that I would like a spin-off/origin series.

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  3. I love this. Interesting concept. Would be cool to see if Morpheus was considered “the one” before Neo came about. Or maybe Seraph was a previous “One” who failed?

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