Going in Style – “Grumpy Old Men: The Heist”

Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money.





el Proktor – 

“Old man hijinks and Retired Gentlemens having Retired Gentlemens Problems”, does this sound like hilarious material for a comedy? Only if it is the 90’s and you cast Walter Matthau AND Jack Lemmon (BOTH of them or NOTHING)

That’s the original Grumpy Old Men, Kids!

Unfortunately, these two glorious actors are no longer with us. Even more unfortunately (Unfortunatelyrer) neither are the 90’s. So how is Hollywood to produce comedies that revolve solely around how KAK it is to get old, and how endearing old men and their problems are? Throw some of the mostest recognisable/accomplished Old Man Actors available right now!

51 and 48 by the way

The problem is that I don’t find Old Men and their Old Man Problems particularly endearing or funny anymore. I can’t laugh at that shit, it’s my probable future you guys (This shit is scary as fuck).

And since that’s practically the only concept of Going in Style, I did not enjoy it as a comedy. As awesome a concept as ‘Alfred Pennyworth, Lucius fox, and Friend robbing a bank’ sounds, Going in Style just doesn’t deliver enough (or any) laughs to be a decent comedy. Go give it a watch if you get sick kicks out of watching old folks struggle to get up from sitting down, otherwise save yourself some bucks and maybe treat an elderly person in your life to something special.

I give Going in Style “An Awkward Laugh here and there” out of “Doesn’t Actually Equate To Funny For Me”.

These are now the only Grumpy Old Men I trust for Comedic Grumpy Old Man roles:


That Nomad Shad – 

Before I kick off this review, I would like to emphasise that this movie has three Academy Award-winning actors. That is all.

Going in Style is the definition of  a by-the-numbers feel good comedy. Three ou ballies who want to pull off a heist because the bank has been naaiers …and that’s about it. There’s nothing more to this film.

Look, this film is okay…ish.

The film has one or two cute, old man moments, but is ultimately tired and outdated. Even the actors look bored as they go through the motions. How in the hell Zach Braff managed to get Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin is a complete mystery.

The film actually does touch on a topic that could have been an interesting social commentary, but forsakes it to be a light-hearted comedy.

I kinda feel like a dick for saying MINUTE for Going in Style, but it is what it is.


Dala: Don’t think twice – 100% -80%
Sterk Lekker – 79% – 70%
Jol – 69 – 50%
Minute – 49% – 25%

Hondborsel – 24% – 0%

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