We’ve all been there. A movie trailer that’s so good it sends shivers down your spine and patiently counting down the days until it’s released. If the trailer is so good, the movie has to be great, right!? Wrong. You step out of the cinema after two-hours of pain and failure like an unfit teen trying to impress the hot girl at gym, wondering what went wrong.

We’ve all fallen victim to the hype around movie trailers only to get disappointed. With that in mind, here are 5 times the trailer was better than the movie (in no particular order):





Tron: Legacy



If the trailer was anything to go by, Tron Legacy was going to be a great movie. The trailer draws us in, slowly introducing us to the hero, before speeding up into spectacular action scenes. Add to that the knowledge that Daft Punk was creating the soundtrack led to many people rushing to cinemas. But that’s all we got, as the movie was devoid of any emotion or captivation. A glorified 2-hour music video for Daft Punk (which is not necessarily a bad thing), it disappoints as a movie, and it just couldn’t live up to the breathtaking trailer.









The Gravity trailer is a non-stop, visual masterpiece, which cleverly uses sound as a device to create fear, excitement and tension. The actual movie, however, is essentially an unhappy woman (Sandy Bullock) barely surviving harm at the last possible moment. Her very-convenient backstory makes little sense, and there are more movie clichés than a low-budget 1998 action film. And I’m not even going into the hallucination scenes. But most of all, Gravity was extremely boring. There’s no investment into any of the astronauts, so when they die, your only reaction is “meh.” The movie fails to deliver a story which backs up on the amazing visuals in the trailer, resulting in a flat, tiresome movie.





Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice




“Do you bleed?” were the words which gave goosebumps to anyone who has a vague interest in action movies. The teaser trailer puts two of the most iconic superheroes head-to-head, posing the question as to what if Superman actually turned bad, and to what lengths would Batman go to uphold his idea of justice. This was not the movie we got. Yes, we did get a short Dark Knight vs Man of Steel rumble, which was great, if only the movie had more of this. Also, the turning point of the movie was ridiculous (“Save Martha”, really? You’re letting him slide because Martha was a popular name back then?). I would’ve liked the movie more if they dropped “Batman v Superman” from the title.  Because as of yet, we have not seen a Batman vs Superman movie.





The Tourist



Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in one movie; what could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit actually. “The Tourist”‘s trailer encompasses all the excitement of the entire movie, which turned out as a slow, laboured paycheck for its leads. Speaking of, there was a clear lack of chemistry between the femme-fatale and dry algebra-teacher character-types of Jolie and Depp respectively. What remained was a movie that didn’t know if it wanted to be funny, sexy, or serious.



Suicide Squad




All of the trailers for Suicide Squad were great. This teaser trailer, in particular, promised a violent, vicious and fun movie following the comics that it originated from. It had a dark, edgy soundtrack with equally dark main characters. But most of all, it promised that the Joker would play a major role in the story. In reality, the movie was very different. Changes in direction led to a rushed and confused script, leaving the Joker as a subplot. Basically, if you watch all the trailers, you’ve watched everything the Joker does. Overall, what was promised as a brutal, exciting comic book movie different to what we’re used to (they were meant to be bad guys remember?) ended up as a PG-friendly flick which left viewers feeling short-changed.



Special thanks to the following Hooligan for contributing the above article:

Safwaan Sibda

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