Spider-Man: Homecoming – “Rather late than never”

A young Peter Parker/Spider-Man begins to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging superhero.



“Fagmi” (Hooliguest) – What a great movie! This is the best Spider-Man by far. Tom Holland plays the role perfectly. He is relatable, funny charming and his character is believable, unlike his predecessors. And as a bonus, he is suuuuuuper cute (lol)!

If you aren’t a Superhero Universe fan, you should still watch this movie. It’s the ultimate underdog story, a story we finally get to see unfold from the beginning. Even though the movie revolves around Peter Parker dreaming big by longing to join The Avengers, we get to see an entrancing story of a hero finding the courage to crawl on his own feet and hands. We get the full experience of understanding his life and we get to see how he is slowly learning who he truly is. This is the original friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man we have all been yearning for.

After watching the movie, you get the sense that this character will grow and we will delightfully witness him reach his full potential, which is extremely exciting!! 9/10


Also, check out the video review for Spider-man: Homecoming by El Prok & ThatNomadShad:


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