Girl, celebrated.

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of. They’re also made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. Yes, ladies are a lot more complex than just sugar and spice.

Beautiful and sometimes ugly, strong and sometimes weak, soft and sometimes hard, nice and sometimes nasty, sometimes Mrs. Doubtfire and sometimes The Danish Girl. Mothers, daughters, sisters, heroes, villains. We love ladies for all they are and what they represent and today we celebrate the strong female characters in film.

Here are my top 5 strong female characters from the movies.



Imperator Furiosa


As far as anyone was concerned, she was the lead character in Mad Max: Fury Road, not Max. Charlize Theron played the character with equal amounts of strength and tenderness. Even though she kicked ass and was a better sniper than the men, she still had moments where she just cried and showed visible fear. “Strong character” doesn’t always have to mean physically strong, sometimes it just means “real”.





Dorothy Vaughan



Dorothy Vaughan wasn’t the main character in Hidden Figures, but goddamn was she a great character. Take nothing away from the other female characters or the actresses who played them but Octavia Spencer’s performance stood out for me when I watched this film. Strong, intelligent, educated and hardworking; she made herself indispensable in the male dominated world of 1950’s NASA. 





Sarah Connor


All you need to know is that this woman kicked the ass of The Terminator. 

Sarah Connor didn’t do this to save herself or even to save the world. When all is said and done, she was a mother who protected her child…from a cybernetic killing machine known as The Terminator.





Lisbeth Salander


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo shows the dangers of being female while at the same time giving us a character that takes control even after the horrible sexual assault she suffered. This character is the ultimate badass and display of the real strength it takes to survive in a world where danger is always threatening, literally, the life of a woman when she wakes up in the morning.







I believe every parent should make their daughters watch this film. Mulan dressed as a man to join the army so her father wouldn’t have to. She proceeds to not only prove herself as a great soldier but also manages to defeat the scary villain and save the Chinese Empire.

Please read this article written about Mulan. It says everything I want to say about why I love this character.










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