Somebody’s got to DIE in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Who ya got? – The Chairman’s View

As with most things, life and death is decided by The CHAIRMAN. I will have a go at deciding who dies in Avengers: Infinity War.


Captain America/Nomad/Steve Rodgers – This high and mighty asshole needs to be wiped right off the MCU map. His self-righteous decisions throughout the MCU has caused more harm than Scarlet Witch. We live in world where his “Boy Scout” ideals come off as preachy and just there to make Tony Stark look bad.


Scarlet Witch – Did everyone forget she is responsible for the creation of Ultron? Tony may have built the monster, but she performed an Inception-level mindtrick, which set the gears in motion. This act is deserving of her place on my list.


Hawkeye – This death is a bit overdue, it was heavily teased in Age of Ultron with the whole “I am retiring” vibe around his character. This would give the MCU some credibility with regards to killing characters off. Who is going to say “We need some kind of magic to bring him back”?




Vision – Close your mouths, he surely has to die. He draws his power from an Infinity Stone (Mind Stone), we can therefore safely assume that he will die at the hands of Thanos in order to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet. The question I would pose is will Ultron return? Remember 50% of his consciousness was already downloaded into the body of Vision before Jarvis stepped in.


Loki – This could an inspired move if there is some follow through with the Russo Brothers.  This could bring the much-loved anti-hero full circle with the ultimate sacrifice. I see some ladies very upset by this.


DARK-HORSE DEATH (Yes, I am committed to that title)

Spider-Man – Ok, even I have to admit that this is a rather dark thought but hear me out. If Spider-Man dies the impact of that death will be felt by everyone, especially Tony. It would stun audiences globally. It’s not a huge issue because they can resurrect Spidey using the Soul Stone before the end credits. ultimate_death_of_spider_man_cover__158_by_spidermanfan2099-d8j7hn5

Do you agree with my thoughts? Who do you think should be put on ice? Send your thoughts to

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