Top 5 actors that could & should be the next James Bond – The Chairman’s View

With all the allegations of sexual harassment in the industry maybe a look at cinema’s most famous sexual predator is in order.

I feel strongly that the Daniel Craig rendition of James Bond should come to a swift end,  Sam Mendes and all. I only have one requirement for any Bond, HE MUST BE BRITISH and straight off the bat, I am going to eliminate a few names:


Idris Elba – He is too old and that is only reason why.

Daniel Radcliffe – Unfortunately type-cast as Harry Potter and I know it is not fair but life isn’t always fair.

Taron Egerton –  He is already a spy in a great franchise thanks to Kingsman.

TOP 5:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson –Yes, Kick-Ass! Now don’t look at my choice so strangely. We know he has the acting chops, he is British and a recent Golden Globe winner (Nocturnal Animals) for Best-Supporting Actor. He would have a different look as well, maybe a Bond with a darker edge, more violent and cold. Less womanizing, more action.


John Boyega – This is not a token selection from me, I genuinely feel that Boyega is a hot property and the casting wouldn’t be shocking. The camera loves this guy and this could a be chance to see if he can carry the mantle of a cinematic icon.


Alex Pettyfer – He has rather fallen off the map since his appearance in Magic Mike, but he would provide an alternative look to the standard Bond. He still has enough charm and physique to fill out the role nicely.


Tom Hiddleston – With his role of Loki seemingly coming to an end, it would make sense that Tom’s stock will be at an all-time high. A switch to a fresh take of the gentlemen spy could be welcome.


Henry Cavill – This is my favourite for the role, I feel that he is the modern day embodiment of Sean Connery’s James Bond. I understand that he played a spy in Man from UNCLE, but I think that James Bond would be a departure from this role. There wouldn’t be any comparison between the two.



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