How to fix the DC Extended Universe – The Chairman’s View

I am a fan of the current DC Extended Universe (DCEU) set up by Zack Snyder, but it isn’t to everyone’s liking. I have to admit that the DCEU is forced together, making it difficult for the audience into into the world.

I don’t think blowing things up at this point would benefit anyone, given the fact that the films have made a profit (not huge profits, but profit nonetheless). Let Justice League be the starting off point: the threat of Steppenwolf has been put to rest with the team going their separate ways. It is important the next 4-5 movies are interconnected stories with overarching plots.

These are the movies that I think could put the DC Extended Universe back on track.

Aquaman – This movie’s focus should be on Arthur’s struggle between his two world’s. The Aquaman comes to a realization that his place is with the Atlantians following the betrayal of Orm & Black Manta. Arthur accepts the weight of the crown and rules over Atlantis with Mera at his side. The movie could end with a shot of a Wayne Enterprise drone observing the ceremony.

Black Manta.jpg
Black Manta

Wonder Woman 2: Return to Themiscyra – With the world seemingly at peace, Diana returns to the Themiscyra and has been informed that there has been a new arrival on the island, Juno (Sylvia Hoeks) the daughter of Aries.

Off the bat, Diana doesn’t trust her and believes she is plotting against Hypolyta. It is revealed that Juno has been controlled by Circe (Emily Blunt) since her powers manifested, Juno has been innocent. Diana questions her judgment, but with Juno’s help, she is able to defeat Circe who retreats. Circe strips Juno of the memories of her mother in the aftermath. Diana leaves Themiscyra, knowing Juno will be the new champion of Themiscyra. Another Wayne Enterprise drone is seen recording Circe’s retreat.

Cyborg – After accepting the life he has been given by the “Mother Box”, Cyborg starts working at Star Labs with his father. Silas sees the potential to test the Boom Tubes for intergalactic travel. Nearing a breakthrough, the lab comes under attack by a sentient tornado. It is revealed to be the Red Tornado under the control of T.O. Morrow, Silas’ founding partner at Star Labs. He wants a piece of the technology that Silas has in his possession.

Silas says that the tech doesn’t exist anymore, it is part of Cyborg now.  Morrow decides that Star Labs should be destroyed and in the confusion Cyborg activates a “boom tube” sending the survivors to Star Labs in Gotham City.

Cyborg is conflicted about his father’s intentions and returns to Central City where the Flash is battling Red Tornado. Flash tries to counteract the Tornado with one of his own. This buys enough time for Cyborg to short circuit Tornado. Morrow vows revenge for the loss of his child and turns to his three remaining robots. Cyborg activates Red Tornado’s internal AI who agrees to help stop T.O. Morrow in the future.

Flash – Flash Point Paradox is an established story which doesn’t need rehashing. It would introduce the villain Zoom into the story. Going through realities messing with Barry’s life over and over.

Batman: The Arkham Knight – The Batman is altered to an incident at Arkham Asylum, a new man after the events of Justice League, Bruce vows never to kill again. Taking on “Raid” style, as Batman battles his way through Arkham to face The Riddler (played by Eddie Redmayne), Bane (played by Latin actor) and Deathstroke.  Affleck could exit the role of Batman with Bane breaking his back. Robin takes up the mantle of the Dark Knight Detective after being saved from Arkham.

Superman 2: Curse of Kent – Superman has revealed himself to Perry White, who concocts a story of Clark being in deep cover. Clark resumes his “normal” life at the Daily Planet and devotes himself to his work and Lois.

Unfortunately, his life gets disrupted by the presence of Brainiac, a robot who was born out of the proximity of the “Mother Boxes” to a supercomputers at Star Labs. After constructing a body with a Kryptonite core, Brainiac sets his sights on the Man of Steel. Superman is forced use his wits to outsmart the Android. It is revealed that Lex Luthor was the architect behind Brainiac after Steppenwolf showed him the true power of the “Mother Boxes”.

A second Justice League movie could follow this, with Darkseid as the main villain.

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