5 actors who could replace Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt – The Chairman’s View

Yes, I know the franchise has reached a high point with but with Tom breaking his ankle and him approaching 60 (yes, 60!) we are all starting to realise this man is mortal. And last time I checked Lord Zenu will not make him immortal.

So I, the almighty CHAIRMAN, will have a crack at recasting Ethan Hunt. A couple of requirement to take on the mantle; needs to be a team player and needs to do his own stunts.

Gina Carano

I know this would be a bit of shock casting, but this would allow the film maker to avoid rebooting the franchise and follow more of a “what if” scenario. Gina has already shown her badass credentials in Deadpool and Haywire, so we know she can handle the physical side. And with her being in her mid-30s there is longevity in the role. But would the studio take this risk?


Josh Hutcherson

This would be the casting that the “board” would approve of, but could lead to a lacklustre audience response. The studio would see him as the “cheap” choice, and has been part of ensemble cast before in the Hunger Games. This would also need to be a reboot, this would then be followed by outrage from the public.


Chris Evans

This could be the guy to take the franchise forward, however I don’t see him doing his own stunts. They might need to pay him more than any of the options on this list as well. Chris would bring the star factor coming off the back of Avengers, where his role will probably come to end after Avengers 4.

The Chris Evans Blog 240411 012

Sebastian Stan

All the up side of Chris Evans with regards to brand recognition and has the advantage of being far cheaper and just by the looks of him might be up to doing his own stunts. He has the acting range to bounce well off the rest of the cast, as previously seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Martian.


John Boyega

I will keep pushing this guy until someone listens to me. He is charismatic and has the physique to take on this lofty persona. The only downside I can see is the fact that he is British, and he would need some work on that accent.


What do you think of my choices? Do you have anyone in mind that I haven’t thought of? Have a read of our latest reviews and follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


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