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Reboots are here to stay, or well…stay again, but is this isn’t necessarily a bad thing…is it? Yes and No! Gaming has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past 30 years. This push in tech allows devs (developers) to reinvent the wheel. In this case give us an experience we could never have had before. Mortal Kombat refreshed itself with a new look, slick engine and MOAR GORE! Resident Evil 2 reinvigourated the survival horror genre while retaining a strong sense of nostalgia. We’re all dying for a (good)Tony Hawk’s reboot…right? Ok, maybe not.


Unfortunately, reboots aren’t perfect and they do go wrong…horribly wrong. Lets look at the king of crappy reboots…Duke Nukem: Forever (alone):


–       Dull gameplay.

–       Bland Visuals.

–       Uninspired humour.

–       Snore fest

–       Betrayal of feels (Yes, I was lied to)


That’s a turd…

Why’d it fail though? Lots of reboots use the hype-train (choo-choo) to build up our expectations gaining a base audience before the game has even made beta. They had lead us to believe that we would be received a triple A- fps that would give us a fresh depature from CoD and BF. Instead we got a cheap cash grab trying to shameless milk our nostalgia.

Sometimes the fan base doesn’t react well to the reboot. DmC is the perfect example of this. It had:


–       Solid hack and slash gameplay.

–       Visually appealing.

–       A dark world befitting of the game.

–       An epic soundtrack.


The game bears all the hallmarks of a title that should succeed. As a huge Devil May Cry fan I felt that they had done the series justice. So why all the uproar?! Too many fans felt that the game was too much of a departure from the original series. The developers had re-envisioned characters that were so iconic to the series. This hurt a lot of the DMC-massive, who didn’t take kindly to punk-themed, overemotional Dante. I thought this was a little harsh for a game, which really entertained me…



The long and short of it is that reboots are here to stay for the long run. Love or hate them, they aren’t going away. With the 9th generation of consoles on the horizon, we can be sure to see even more reboots. Here are five gaming franchises I would love to see rebooted.


TimeSplitters always held a special place in my heart for all the countless hours I spent ploughing through the multiplayer content with my friends. Not only did the game boast an immersive single player campaign, it boasted a rich multiplayer experience. The plethora of game modes combined with a great level design tool to produce endless hours of fun.


Red Faction

Sporting the new Geo-Mod tech at the time of its release, Red Faction allowed players to go town on the Martian landscape. You could literally dig yourself into new areas or reshape an area to better suit your play style. Add in a solid story andvBOOM, your recipe for success is now complete.


Resident Evil 3

Following the success of Resident Evil 2, I’m eagerly anticipating Nemesis to return to the new generation with pant-soiling fun. Think Mr X, but with a rocket launcher…


Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Soul Reaver was a game ahead of its time. Traversing the land in search of Kain showed off the massive scale, but also proved a puzzle at the same time. New areas weren’t just unlocked through boss fights, but through the skills you gained. Add in a compelling, although convoluted, story and you have the ingredients for one of the best games of its generation.


Syphon Filter

Before there was Sam Fisher, there was Gabe Logan, a man capable of getting shit done. Despite being in the shadow of Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter was one of the best spy games of the Playstion generation. While the later titles faltered, the first few games in the series were astoundingly good and deserve some reboot love.


Let me know which games you would love to see rebooted.

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