The Chairman’s View: Casting the Fantastic 4 – PART 2 (SUE STORM)

I have no real requirements in the casting of Sue Storm, other than a competent actor. Given how bad Kate Mara and Jessica Alba have been, we need to put a little bit of thought into this one.

Natalie Dormer



  • Relatively unknown for the blockbuster environment.
  • Her casting would be seen as a “prestige” casting.


  • She may lack the star power to draw an audience to the movie.

Olivia Wilde



  • While being a brand name, hasn’t really broken into the blockbuster realm.
  • Is experienced in the sci-fi genre.


  • No guarantee in box office returns if cast

Gina Rodriguez



  • Name recognition from her recently spell on “Jane the Virgin”
  • Would be an excellent diverse casting choice.


  • Casting could prove divisive.
  • Not proven at this level.

Arielle Kebbel



  • Young enough to play the role for many years


  • Probably asking yourself “WHO?!”
  • Only known for TV roles


What do you think of the options I have put out there? Do you have any options of your own that you could see as SUE STORM?

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