That Nomad Shad – Favourite MCU Post-Credit Scenes

In an age of franchise films, every studio under the sun tries to shoehorn their own little cinematic universe. There’s no doubt that Marvel is the master of these, using the post-credit scene to offer up tasty morsels of what’s to come in the near future.

With the Infinity Saga having come to a close, I’ve decided to look at some of my favourite MCU post-credit scenes. These are the ones that have genuinely shocked me or have gotten me excited for future films.

5. Thor Ragnarok – Sanctuary II

After the fun romp that was Ragnarok, they decided to drop THAT bombshell. Thor and the remaining Asgardians are met face-to-face with Thanos’s massive flagship, the Sanctuary II. We knew why and we knew the danger that these characters faced. All we could do was wait.


4. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. II – ADAM

Despite Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II being a bit lackluster, it had one of the best teases we had seen in while. With the Sovereign all but defeat, Ayesha swears to defeat the Guardians using her perfect creation, ADAM. This is no doubt Adam Warlock, and the prospect of his inclusion to the MCU is thrilling!


3. The Avengers – Thanos reveal

The Avengers was a pivotal moment for the MCU not only because it proved that an ensemble superhero film worked successfully, but also gave us a glimpse into the future. The post-credit scene revealed the mastermind behind events was none other than Marvel’s big bad, Thanos. It was an exciting moment for comic book fan and proved to be one of the most important reveals in the MCU.


2. Spider-Man: Far From Home – Peter Parker reveal

The latest entry into the MCU, Far From Home, offers one of the most exciting moments for the audiences. THEY GOT BACK JK FRIGGIN SIMMONS AS J.JONAH JAMESON! No doubt, this had audiences thrilled! The scene continues with Mysterio outing Peter as Spider-Man to the world. It’s a huge moment and could be the make-or-break moment for Spidey’s future.


1. Iron Man – Avengers Initiative

The granddaddy of them all! Most audience members wouldn’t have been aware of the post-credit scene. When Samuel L. Jackson stepped out of the shadow to reveal himself as Nick Fury everyone was stunned. It solidifies itself as the cornerstone of the Avengers.


Which MCU post-credit scene got you excited? Let us know in the comments.

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