That Nomad Shad – Top 5 Most Brutal Fights

Fighting is the most primal and visceral form for a protagonist to achieve his or her goal. The art of fight choreography is well refined; with many fight sequences turned into spectacular dances of martial arts.

While most films focus on the technical skill of its fights some directors choose to focus on the brutality of the fight. Fights can often forgo stunning choreography for the raw brutality as the characters frantically try to survive their encounter.

Today, I’m going to look at some of the most brutal fights ever:

5. Casino Royale – The Bathroom Brawl

The bathroom sequence in Casino Royale is the most visceral fights that 007 has had to endure. The superspy feels human in his bathroom brawl with Fisher. Neither combatant feels too overpowered, instead to have two men in a desperate fight for survival using everything in the environment to ensure this.

4. The Raid – Brothers battle Mad Dog

The final boss battle of The Raid is the brilliant blend of slick martial arts choreography with the right amount of brutality to amp up the stakes. Mad Dog is a near-unstoppable force that takes any amount the heroes throw at him. This forces the duo to use some unorthodox tactics while taking a heavy beating.

3. The Protector – Avenging the Elephant

If you’re going to kill a man’s elephant then you deserve all the pain. When Kham learns that he failed to save the elephant that he was tasked with protecting, he loses his shit. It’s safe to say that he does the maximum amount of damage one can inflict to all the perpetrators.

2. OldBoy – Hallway

One could argue that this whole film is brutal on multiple levels but the hallway fight is rough. The scene highlights Dae-Su’s sheer will to survive despite being beaten and stabbed. There is no stylish choreography, rather focusing on the brutality that Dae-Su has to endure.


1. The Raid 2 – Kitchen Fight

This is the perfect blend of brutality and slick martial arts choreography. Neither one of the two combatants holds back as they pick each other apart. Each hit they take has impact with the two slowly tiring out and becoming more and more desperate. The end of the fight is one of the most brutal kills I have EVER seen in cinema.

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