Gemini Man – “Double Trouble”

Henry Brogan is an elite assassin who becomes the target of a mysterious operative who can seemingly predict his every move.

To his horror, he soon learns that the man who’s trying to kill him is a younger, faster, cloned version of himself.


“The Chairman” – I AM BACK! Sorry for being away my friends, my time is very valuable. I thought Gemini Man would be the movie I would brave the outside world for, but goodness gracious what a bloody disappointment.

This 90’s action throwback has too many high-minded aspirations falls short. The HFR (High Frame Rate) is jarring, if you have vertigo please give this a miss.

The biggest problem I had with this movie was the dialogue. It needed a serious “punch-up” from a Shane Black. There is zero chemistry and levity between the characters, which you think may turn when Benedict Wong shows up, but you would be wrong (just like him in the movie).

One last thing, when the “bad guy” Clive Owen (only believable character) tells everyone his grand plan for cloning well, I actually can see where he is coming from. I mean why not let these nameless, faceless soldiers die in the name of war. It’s not ethical, but it could work. Finally, don’t watch this movie. 3.5/10

That Nomad Shad – Ang Lee’s latest action thriller pits Will Smith against a younger version of himself. It’s a script straight out of the 90’s with a 120fps sheen, but it’s not even to save this this bland outing.

The film follows Henry Brogan, the best-of-the-best government assassin, who is looking to retire. Unfortunately, his former employers decide to go after him and send a clone of himself to do the dirty work. The plot is as 90’s as they come mirroring the likes of 6th Day and Replicants, but refuses to do anything new. Everything is very shallow and predictable as the main characters uncover a conspiracy to create a clone army. It’s an utter disappointment that trades the deeper themes for cheap thrills.

Gemini Man teased it’s High Frame Rate(HFR) action and it has some…The film has one or two solid action set-pieces, but too many of the sequences are just OK. There’s nothing special about any of these sequence bar the HFR, which doesn’t always work to the films benefit. This is case of showing off new tech, but not maximizing it’s true potential.

Will Smith is pretty solid in both roles. What more do I need to say.

Gemini Man isn’t a bad film, but is the pinnacle of mediocrity. The film forgoes its action and narrative to showcase new tech and suffers for it. 5/10

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