5 WWE Wrestlers who could follow in the footsteps of The Rock, Bautista, & John Cena

I know there are plenty of bad actors out there, and yes often the move from the ring to the screen doesn’t turn out that well. I am looking you Miz, Randy Orton & Becky Lynch. The Rock, Batista, and to a lesser degree John Cena, have shown that they can be bankable movie stars.

These people should take a lesson from The Rock who started off as the non-speaking Scorpion King and eventually ended up being known as franchise viagra.

One thing these choices need to avoid is working with WWE Studios. The standard of their movies varies from passable to terrible. Sorry, but someone had to say it.

Here are my five picks of WWE stars that can transition from the ring to the screen:

Adam Cole


Definitely has the personality and is confident enough to see himself on the big screen. He has good looks and the athleticism to be an action star.

Roman Reigns


He has already had an appearance in Hobbs & Shaw, but I think he should lean into more villainous roles. Stay away from corny, kid-friendly movie like “The Tooth Fairy”.

Velveteen Dream


This my unusual pick, this sexually confident man-mountain has the charisma to play a wide range of characters. Whether it be a good guy or a sadistic mad man.

The Fiend


This is a ready-made horror villain, as unkillable as Jason Vorhees, he could be hunting down teenagers at an amusement park. Blumhouse please make this happen, you can even use the whole Bray Wyatt storyline.

Samoa Joe


I see him as the next Odd Job, the non-talking brute who causes plenty of strife for a James Bond or Ethan Hunt. Come on Tom Cruise, just imagine the fight scenes between you and Joe.

Let us know who else you think on the current roster can make it on the big screen.

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