Lockdown Movies Watchlist – The Chairman’s View

Hi guys, the trusty Chairman here. Moment of honesty, movies aren’t the most important thing in times like this. BEING SAFE IS! Stay home with your loved ones, and maybe a movie can help you pass the time and for an inkling help us forget our current predicament.

So here are my top 5 choices to watch while you’re in lockdown. As you will notice, there is a bit of a theme.

5. THE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FRANCHISE (throw John Wick in there as well)

Quite possibly the best action franchise ever made, always trying to better itself with each movie. Tom Cruise is a complete nut job for doing all these things at his age.

Oh, I had to squeeze JOHN Wick on this list somewhere, pure mayhem.

mission impossible

4. THE LORD OF THE RINGS (incl. The Hobbit)

The best of Peter Jackson through the world of Middle-Earth. Get lost in this fantasy about the eternal battle of light & dark, right & wrong and most importantly ELF & ORC. Also, you can watch The Hobbit…not as good as The Lord of the Rings but that is a difficult act to follow.



Yes, Fast & Furious franchise this is what a SAGA looks like. Sorry for that sideswipe. The Skywalker Saga is the best space opera out there, the prequels are terrible, but hey they can’t all be winners.


2. JAMES BOND (yes, all of them)

Setting aside the overt misogyny and sexism, this is the best spy franchise. Each Bond brings their own little something to the role. Enjoy all 26 movies.

James Bond


The Infinity Saga is the most complete series of movies ever made. Plenty of highs with few missteps it is actually remarkable. Kevin Feige deserves all the praise here.


Do you guys have any of you own choices to add? What do you think of the Chairman’s List?

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