We have a unique event for the Big Screen Hooligans audience out there.

The Big Screen Hooligans Movie Quiz Champion, Kervyn takes on the Social Media sensation that is Simon Orgill in a movie debate that The Chairman designed.

The Chairman acted as judge for this once off event.

Topics of debate:

The Best MCU Villian:

Kervyn: The Vulture

Simon: Thanos

The DC Film Hero:

Kervyn: Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot

Simon: Superman – Henry Cavill

The Best MCU Movie:

Kervyn: Captain America: Winter Soldier

Simon: Thor: Ragnorak

The Best Blockbuster of the 2010s:

Kervyn: Mad Max: Fury Road

Simon: Beauty & The Beast (2017)

Check their social media pages:

Simon Orgill: @simon_orgill

Kervyn: @TheKervynator

Sorry for the technical difficulties experience at around the 55 minute mark.

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