The Chairman’s View: Casting the Fantastic 4 – PART 5 (DR DOOM & DIRECTOR)

The final installment. Some interesting choices.

We have finally arrived at the end of this series for the FANTASTIC 4 at Disney. So I will just put forward a couple of options for both DR DOOM and a director for this movie. My criteria for Dr Doom is a combination of charismatic and menacing, for the director has to have done some work with sci-fi or comic book genre.


Matthew McConaughey

"Mud" Premiere - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

This casting could that signals the MCU is moving away from their “one & done” casting for villains, this could be his redemption after The Dark Tower. He could end up being a bit of a pricey option.

Daniel Craig

Daniel C

With his time as James Bond coming to an end, this could a great project for him to get his teeth into. It would be a good change of pace for him to play a bad guy.


Zack Snyder


DC fans calm…

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