Insurgent – “A woefully ordinary film”


Insurgent picks off directly after the 1st movie in the Divergent Series, where the militarized faction (Dauntless) who were under mind control of the science faction (Erudite) were forced to kill the more passive government faction (Abnegation) in order for Janine to take control of society through marshal law.

While the Divergents are hiding in the farming faction (Amity), the rest of the Dauntless clan who were freed of the mind control are hiding in the law faction (Candor). Trish & Four seek a way to find revenge against Janine & Eric (Duantless leader), and whether they achieve this is up to many twists and a under-lying plot that Trish & Four are unaware of.


The 1st movie in this series was awful, a badly acted, poorly written and poorly shot film. Even one of its stars, Miles Teller, refused to do press for this movie as he didn’t want his name associated with it. While the 2nd movie isn’t great, it’s by far better than is predecessor. It’s not a masterpiece, but I didn’t regret paying to watch the movie however I wouldn’t recommend it to be seen at the cinema.


The Chairman: DVD rental, a very very cheap rental.

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