Predestination – “Ethan Hawke trying to convince us to smoke the crack he is on”


Predestination is set in the same vain as the Adjustment Bureau and the “Watchers” Saga in Fringe (TV Series). A policing force that crosses space and time, with an even more mind bending twist….take note M.Night this movie will show you how to execute an unexpected plot shift without it being crutch of the movie (I mean your life).
We join Ethan Hawke, an unnamed “Temporal Agent”, seemingly near the end of his career, he embarks on his final mission that begins with meeting a mysterious man in an extremely poorly lit bar (probably to set an ominous mood). Its New York in the mid 70’s and there have been a spate of deadly bombings and Ethan Hawke is tasked with tracking and stopping these bombings, follow his journey as he experiences events that will test not only himself but the viewing audience as well.

The Chairman – An excellent, well put together movie on a relatively small budget for the Sci-Fi genre, which reminds us the Ethan Hawke doesn’t really make a bad movie. The story isn’t rushed, even with short runtime (97mins). 7.5/10, buy the DVD it has a great “re-watchability” factor.

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