Gone Girl – “Catfish the Movie”


A film adapted from the best-seller of the same name written by Gillian Flynn, who wrote the screenplay for the movie. It is shot in the classic Fincher style, low blue light with dark tone. Get set for a movie that will pull you in and spit out your remains, and surprisingly good dramatic performance from Neil Patrick Harris.


“IT” –  Loved the movie so much that I think Amazing Amy should be the poster girl for women worldwide. A modern day psycho femme fetale superhero. Amy’s refusal to be a victim of her warped idea of love, allows her to take matters into her own hands. She’s strong, ingenious and utterly resourceful, common traits most women encompass. Dating a woman of this caliber should come with a warning sign: NOTE: When dating or married, do not betray, as these combos can be deadly when scorned. #EmbraceThePsychoWithin 8/10

“Storm” – Catfish the movie….erm I mean Gone Girl proves once again that marriage is not for the feint hearted. He was convinced he married the perfect girl…was she though? So dazzled by her red hot, womanly charms, the fact that he knows nothing about her doesn’t even distract him. Play with fire till “death do you part” and you’re most likely going to get burned. 7.5/10


Definitely worth owning this DVD excellent adaptation from book to screen, don’t watch this with your partner if you have any murderous intentions.


  1. My comment is that you should rather read the book. I find this movie quite sexist in the directing. In the book the male character is just as f*&%ed up, and you kind of feel that they deserve each other. In the movie it is kinda like, look at the crazy woman…. #justsaying

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  2. I’ve not read the book but it did seem like Amy was overly vilified. Both of them fell in-lust with their own perceptions of each other which is always a train smash waiting to happen… I do agree, they do deserve each other: she’s chemically imbalanced and he is a spineless fool. You’re only as miserable as you choose to be.

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  3. I do not think the movie is sexist at all, rather empowering to females. It leaves us with the same emotional affect as the book and the portrayal of each character is captured perfectly by both Affleck and Pike. It’s evident that Nick is deceitful, a chronic liar and clearly dysfunctional as displayed in the movie. I do agree with you that they deserve each other, since they both knew from the beginning they were playing a role. A role they each assigned to each other from the day they met and he started slacking. He knew what he was getting himself into and therefore got what he deserved!

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