Jurassic World – “look, it’s Starlord playing with dinos”

This is the 4th installment in the Jurassic Park series, and this movie completely ignores that the 2nd & 3rd installment even exist. It is a “what if” situation, where the park is up and running after the events after Jurassic Park with the help of Simon Masrani, a billionaire in the mold of John Hammond.

The park is extremely successful, and 20 years later dinosaurs are now common place to the point where park seeks sponsors for every new dinosaur. eg. T-Rex by Gatorade. The public in turn have also become jaded to the idea of seeing living dinosaurs, and the park’s R&D department push the boundaries of what meant to be tampered with and yes, this creates their own version of Frankenstein’s monster. Will man be able to survive their own creation?


“The Chairman” – Notice how I excluded any real characters from the synopsis of this movie? That was intentional, as there is no real character arches in this movie which actually helps this film strangely. We come to this movie to see the dino’s, and the scenes where the director tries to insert some character development is “off-putting” to say the least.

However, the dino action scenes are a thrill ride bar none…..just enough nostalgia of Jurassic Park to make your inner child leap and Raptors for which we actually cheering.

I have to say Chris Pratt is doing great job of auditioning for Indiana Jones in this movie, he is believable as a bad-ass with a heart and sense of humor. This needs to seen on the big screen. 7/10


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