Inside Out – “Let the emotions consume you”

Have you ever wondered how our emotions determine the person we are and how the world see us? Well, Pixar has used their unlimited resources in an attempt to bring this to the big screen with vivid imagery.

We join Riley, a pre-teen tomboy, who is moving from her hometown in Minnesota (extremely cold) to San Francisco (a polar opposite) as her father starts a new job. This introduces us to the main emotions that make Riley who she is, JOY voiced by Amy Poehler and SADNESS voiced by Phyllis Smith and this shows us the inner conflict Riley is having about the move, missing her friends and the ice hockey team that form the base of her personality.

Things go array when Joy & Sadness are sucked into Riley’s back up memory and the minor emotions (DISGUST, FEAR & ANGER) are left in control and Riley makes some questionable decisions. Can Pixar pull off this ambitious concept?

“The Chairman” – Well, this movie left me extremely conflicted. It brilliantly explores emotions, memories and the family dynamic… some ways even better than the Toy Story series. Unfortunately it lacks the heart and humour that are ever present in any Pixar movie.
Adults will love this movie, but the themes will fly right over the heads of the target audience. It is worth seeing at the cinema, but not at full price. 6.5/10

“Storm” – This movie left me Inside Out! The scenes depicting the interaction of the various characters’ emotions in relation to each other, were rather hilarious but the movie loses momentum when the focus shifts to Riley’s emotions. Cute concept, average execution. 6/10

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