Tomorrowland – “I want to go there”

Based on the fantastical imaginings of inventors (and a ride at Disneyland) who attended 1964 World’s Fair, this ambitious movie is brought to life by The Incredibles director Brad Bird. This wide-eyed wonder is brought to us by a young inventor Frank Walker played by Thomas Robinson, who shows potential and sneaks his way into Tomorrowland with the help of Athena played Raffey Cassidy. We skip ahead 40 years, to a rebellious teen Casey Newton played by Britt Robertson and her never ending pursuit to stop the dismantling of Cape Canaveral. She is a know-it-all who asks questions that no adult has the time or patience to answer. She is secretly recruited to by Athena and has to get the help of an older grumpier Frank (George Clooney) to get to Tomorrowland and save both worlds.


“The Chairman” – I have to prefix this review by saying that I took my mother with me to see the movie, she hasn’t seen any of the trailers and went in with no opinion. Now that is out of the way, Brad Bird made a visually beautiful film, the plot is solid but the movie has a distinct lack of heart and you really don’t feel anything for the characters you should. The movie seems as if it was re-shot in order to make Casey the focus and not Frank, unfortunately this hurts the movie. There are plenty of positives to take from the movie, decent acting and a very very interesting concept with brilliant world building on the part of Brad Bird. It’s a RENTAL, and nothing more than that. 5.5/10

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