Project Almanac – “Your future’s written in the past….on a camera”


Genius (like MIT accepted student) finds old footage of his 7th birthday party and sees his 17yr old self in the video. Enter geeky friends and incredibly hot sister and beautiful popular girl from school. They find schematics that dead dad has left behind on how to build a time machine (don’t get excited, it’s not an old British phone box). They use said time machine to travel back in time to make themselves rich, pass exams and of course get laid. Hey, at 17, I would have also used time travel to get a girlfriend. I don’t judge his choices. As every time travel story goes, spoiler alert, time travel unravels the fabric of space/time and anything you do changes the course of history and time will eventually rectify this and go back into a continuous loop. I can go into the pseudo-science of these types of movies or show you some actual data from quantum physics papers but we’ve all seen The Butterfly Effect.


“Ramz” – The first problem with this film is that it uses that lame, overused, point of view-Blair Witch Project style “found footage” crap. I hate it. It’s lazy film making that worked well for Blair Witch Project but, honestly, should have crawled back into its hole years ago; a hole reserved for documentaries about aliens, high school party montages played at the Matric dance and “reality” porn that is only believable as “found footage” because the porn stars are so ugly. That being said, the film has some redeeming qualities. I wouldn’t have watched it till the predictable end if it didn’t. So why did I watch it till the end?

The movie is almost self-aware, as if the characters know they’re in a time travel film. The meta style of screenwriting has always been a favourite of mine and you can’t help but expect a character to break the fourth wall when they make a time travel film reference. All in all, you’ll walk away from the film thinking “I could’ve done so much more with that concept”, and you’d be right. It’s as if the film was written by a bunch of teenagers, for teenagers who need to be entertained just enough to not feel like they wasted their money if they didn’t get to finger bang the chick from Biology class in the back row while the movie was playing.The target audience will find it interesting; unfortunately I am not the target audience, I’ve seen Back To The Future. Meh/10

“The Chairman” – This movie using a strange tactic of lowering your expectations for the movie, pleasantly surprising you and then ultimately falling flat on its face. You see Michael Bay is the producer (expectations lowered), the story draws you in with an intriguing concept and likeable characters who encompass all high school cliques ie. The Nerd, The Tom Boy and Hot Girl. However, the final 10mins of the movie is a complete let down to the rest of the film.

Please stop with the damn shaky cam, strange camera angles and found footage in films, its over used and not appropriate for this type of film. It more distracting than effective.

The movie will entertain you in parts and is certainly worth a viewing, but you wont remember it next week. 5/10

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