Pitch Perfect 2 – “A little pitchy DAWG”


This is the much anticipated follow up to sleeper-hit of 2012, in which we saw a movie that didn’t take itself seriously with decent dialogue and great performances. It was a hit because the trailers for the film (a Glee-like film) sold a completely different movie  to the one we actually got to see (21 Jump Street-like film). In the next installment, The Barden Bellas have won three consecutive National A Capella championship and cause and international incident when performing for the US President. The girls are barred from defending their title and from recruiting any new members, as with most movies there is a loop-hole for the Bellas to expose. They can accept legacy girls (their mothers’ were members of the Bellas) and they are allowed to compete at the World Champs for reasons that are not clearly stated in this or the previous movie. The movie introduces a new rival for the Bellas, Das Sound Machine, the German champs. If this scenario seems unlikely to produce a good movie, you are right.


The Chairman – This movie was such a disappointment, strange pacing and a plot that is hard to fathom at times. This was a poor showing for Elizabeth Bank’s first full length directorial efforts. The characters and humour we found endearing from the first movie was grating to point that it makes you uncomfortable to watch this with anyone. If you like High School Musical, you will enjoy this experience, otherwise dont bother to watch it and rather re-watch Pitch Perfect 1. 4/10

Storm – Woefully underwhelming, I thought I bought a ticket to Pitch Perfect 2 but what I got was more like Glee: The College Years. Character progressions from the first movie were so haphazardly constructed that in every other scene Fat Amy becomes the uncle that overstays his welcome, is now drunk and no one wants him around #gohomeyouredrunk…..enough already, less is more. 4/10

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