Deadpool – “Ramz or Shad? These reviews are so confusing”


“Ramz” – This movie was fucking great! I’ll try my best to not mention any of the best jokes and scenes, like the red band trailers did.

From the opening credits, you know you’re in for a fun ride-along; one that couldn’t have been more fun if it had Ice Cube’s perpetual frown in it. The opening credits, not listing the names of the people involved in the movie but listing the clichés of characters that you will inevitably see (eg. Starring “British Villain”), tell you everything you can expect from the film.

The self-aware meta screenplay plays on the fact that Deadpool is best known in the comics for knowing that he is in a comic book and constantly breaking the fourth wall. This crosses over into the film where Deadpool is not only aware that he is in a superhero movie but is also fully aware of every cliché these films have thrown at us… and takes the piss out of it at every turn.

The flashback scenes, breaking the fourth wall and humour, masterfully distracts you from the paper thin plot that has more holes in it than a Days Of Our Lives character origin story (Stefano Dimera brainwashed someone…probably).

The action is slick, the hero is refreshingly vulgar and psychotic, and the machine gun fire quick wit and sharp jokes from all characters make this one of the most fun comedies you will see this year.

My favourite things about Deadpool are the pop culture references throughout the film, albeit a few of the jokes might be lost on a younger audience. I’ll end this off with a huge shoutout and thank you to Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers and “The Real Heroes Of This Film”. (you’ll understand this last line when you watch the movie)
That is all.

Insane-in-the-membrane-fucking-awesome-fun / 10

Let us have your thoughts on Ramz’s review.

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