Anomalisa – “Being Human: The Movie”

Anomalisa is a 2015 American stop-motion drama film directed and produced by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, and written by Kaufman based on his 2005 play of the same name.

The film follows a lonely self-help author (voiced by David Thewlis) who perceives everyone as identical (Tom Noonan) until he meets a unique woman (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in a Cincinnati hotel.



“That Nomad Shad” – Few films will be more human than Anomalisa. It’s a stop-motion masterpiece that will have you pondering your own flaws. The film is a beautiful but haunting reflection of the human condition as seen through the eyes of Michael Sloane.

I loved the film! Few films have made me question my own humanity, but Anomalisa forced me into a state of introspection. Although unsettling at times, it accurately depicts us as being fragile beings susceptible to their own faults desperately yearning for something special.

The film is every bit worthy of it’s Oscar nomination. It’s a quiet and intimate piece that poses all the right questions to the audience. It taps into the human condition in its most flawed form. Anomalisa is a film that will have you looking inwards and checking your own humanity.

It’s a gem that’s worthy of its Oscar nomination and worthy of your time! 9/10

“El Proktor” – Small Disclaimer: I grew up on a steady dose of the Muppets. As a result, I adore anything  featuring puppets/stop motion/Claymation… There is something so tangible, so real about singing pigs and banjo playing frogs (Over regular animation anyway – which I love a well).

Now that, that is out of the way, on to my completely “Unbiased” review of the Academy Award nominated Anomalisa from Charlie Kaufman: It was great, I loved it. Please compose your disbelief at how unbiased I can be.

No catchy song and dance routines, no literally colourful/animal characters. It was the most adult Puppet movie I have ever seen (and this includes Team America: World Police (‘MURICA, FUCK YEAH!, HERE TO SAVE THE MOTHER FUCKING DAY NOW!! – apparently you have to throw in some swear words into these reviews).

It was also the most human movie I have seen in a while, so normal at times that it was a little bit eerie. The movie features greatly and tragically flawed characters, and genuinely funny awkward/ironic humour. It made me question introversion, loneliness, depression, the human ego and just how big a “Zoo-sized” Zoo really is… It made me question it all night LONG (GET IT OUT OF MY BRAIN)!

Not a movie if you’re out for something mindlessly entertaining though, it makes you think thoughts and feel feelings (well it has to keep some of its Art House appeal after all). I give it an: (It Made Me Question Stuff)/10

Let us have your thoughts, likes and share with your friends. The movie is out this weekend, ENJOY!

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