DEADPOOL – “Savior of the Comic Book Multiverse”

Oh yes, this is a direct rebuttal to a previous post (it wont be mentioned in good company) that made the assertion that Deadpool has shown that the comic book movie industry is over-saturated and dying. I believe that the contrary is actually occurring, and I will based this on 3 main points:

  1. Quality of movies
  2. Demographics of the viewing audience
  3. Fringe Benefits


  1. Quality of Movies

I think we all can agree that pre-2008 comic books movies were very much hit and miss (emphasis on miss) and the thinking behind the making of these movies was one dimensional at best. That is why you can still find people that defend Spiderman 3, I know you are out there… was shit, end of story.

Now we come to 2008, and someone at Paramount had the rights to a B-level hero known as Iron Man and did the typical thing and wanted a BIG name to play Tony Stark….step up Tom Cruise, yes TOM CRUISE…..seems a sure fire success….wrong, it never happens. Jon Favreu suggests his friend and ex-drug addict Robert Downey Jr as the guy to take over and damn what perfect choice for the smart-ass billionaire. The reason I placing so much importance of this decision is the fact that this is the hero we were waiting for… Everyone take note, this is how it’s done.

Disney’s purchase of Marvel Studio seems like a cash grab on the face of it, but Kevin Feige is a fan first and an executive second and he had a vision of something that hasn’t been done before…a cinematic universe that intertwines movies like episodes of an epic TV show. With this kind of vision, the movies o hit the notes that we all like and want to see. Let’s say you’re a fan of the show Suits. If one episode they decided to make a cooking show instead of a lawyer-ing based show, it would stand out. Secondly, I want someone to point out a bad movie in the MCU – Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man 3 (so-so), Thor 2 (so-so), Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2 & Ant-Man.

This quality has forced other studios to step up their own game (The New X-Men Universe, Deadpool, The DC Cinematic Universe). When missteps are made, future movies in the franchise are cancelled ie. Amazing Spiderman and Fantastic 4. We are currently living in the GOLDEN AGE OF COMIC BOOK MOVIES! If you feel overwhelmed by all these future options, breathe and come talk to me.


  1. Demographics

I can say with absolute certainty that everyone going to watch comic book movies aren’t fanboys and geeks. The more the diverse the audience, the more people you interest in comic books & their lore. Not just movies.

Studios are currently building a fanbase that is something to behold. A film like Deadpool will just widens the audience. It wont kill viewership for other films in the genre. It pushes it to the next level!

There was an announcement this week that the director’s cut of Batman v Superman will be R-rated. Would this have happened without Deadpool? No! That is what  will get a larger audiences to the cinema and buying DVDs.

  1. Fringe Benefits

I save this one for last, just for the haters…..without comic book movies you wouldn’t have these movies such as The Martian, The Judge, Chef, Inception and Interstellar. All  of these stemmed from pet projects made from the making of comic book movies.

I think that is a solid enough point on its own.

In conclusion, for everyone saying the market is over saturated and the studios are using this as a cash cow isn’t wrong. It’s just misguided because they must’ve forgotten what actually makes them happy in life.

If a bad comic movie is made, the audience is so wide and varied that there are too many voices for the studios to just ignore of drown out. And if something needs to be made like DEADPOOL, it will be made through sheer fan force. Isn’t this what we have wanted? Real power and influence. – THE CHAIRMAN

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