Big Screen Hooligans: Oscars 2016 Edition

The build up to the 88th Academy Awards has been a doozy. There have been tons of questions about the Academy’s whitewashing. Lots of unnecessary snubs, however, the show must go on! The Oscars will still take place tonight and the Hooligans have taken this opportunity to select our winners for our favourite categories.


Big Screen Hooligans Pick: The Revenant – This is an achievement in visuals excellence. The Revenant is visually both breathtaking and haunting. If that’s not enough to convince you then remember that it was shot entirely in natural lighting.

Animated Feature

Big Screen Hooligans Pick: Inside Out – The runaway winner here, a great movie and could possibly have been considered for the Best Picture category.

Adapted Screenplay

Big Screen Hooligans Pick: The Big Short – Not only because it has the word “BIG” in the title. The translation of such financially complex theories into a coherent and entertaining movie gets thumbs up from us.

Original Screenplay

Big Screen Hooligans Pick: Here the Hooligans are split between three options. Spotlight (The Chairman& IT), Ex Machina (El Proktor) & Straight Outta Compton (Ramz & That Nomad Shad). Let’s see who has bragging rights tomorrow.

Best Support Actress

Big Screen Hooligans Pick: Jennifer Jason Leigh (Hateful Eight) – Jennifer Jason Leigh is resurgent in her craft. She stunned us with her portrayal of the psychotic Daisy Domergue.

Best Supporting Actor

Big Screen Hooligans Pick: Sylvester Stallone (Creed) – Sly’s seventh outing as Rocky Balboa, the aging boxer, is definitely one of the most powerful. It’s an Oscar-worthy performance.

Best Actress

Big Screen Hooligans Pick: Brie Larson (The Room) – Great breakout performance from a relatively fresh face known for her comedic roles. Brie shows a transition into the dramatic with such bravado and a powerful performance.

Best Actor

Big Screen Hooligans Pick: Matt Damon (The Martian) – It’s tough to carry a film by oneself. Matt carries this version of “Castaway in Space” on both shoulders…with the assistance of some resilient potatoes. It’s a longshot in terms of winning (We still love you Leo), but he’s our choice so deal with it.

Best Director

Big Screen Hooligans Pick: George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) – This is not a lifetime achievement award. George outdid himself and defied all expectations in the best 2-hour car chase in human history.

Best Picture

Big Screen Hooligans Pick: Mad Max: Fury Road – Needless to say we love this movie. It shows you do not need dialogue (just grunts) to make a compelling and excellent movie. Filmmakers take note! Practical effects are not dead! NB: Flame-throwing guitars are amazing.

Well, there you have it, let’s see if we can be called the oracles for all things in “moviedom”.

Let us have you thoughts on our choices and if don’t agree, please comment.


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