The 9th Life of Louis Drax – “Life & Times of Baby Hipster”

An acclaimed neurologist (Jamie Dornan) taps into the unconscious mind of a 9-year-old boy (Aiden Longworth) who has survived nine near-death accidents. Now in a coma, we need to know how Louis ended up in this state.



“The Chairman” – I found it very difficult to put my thoughts to page on this review, as this movie left me extremely conflicted, but here goes.

There is a good, if not amazing, piece of film here, but either through bad direction or acting this movie falls flat on its face. This movie can’t decide if it’s a deep think piece, suspense, or psychological thriller. There are a good performances from Aaron Paul (probably the best in the movie), Oliver Platt (a veteran psychologist) and newcomer Aiden Longworth (the precocious Louis Drax). If Aaron Paul is the best acting performance, then that should tell you something…hint hint.

I am trying to figure out the appeal of Jamie Dornan, he has little to no range and is the most unlikable protagonist I can remember. The reliance the movie places on him and the interactions he has with the rest of the cast causing me to think that this was a request from the higher-ups at the studio due to his universally panned performance in Fifty Shades of Grey.

The beauty in certain scenes will catch you off guard, so no complaints on the cinematography. Christopher Nolan would’ve treated this this material with care it required, building scenes and giving gravity to twists as and when they occur. Not an irredeemable movie, but a case of potential gone to waste. 5/10

PS. Louis is what a hipster looks like when they are born.

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