Viral – “Cover your mouth dammit!”

Separated from their father (Michael Kelly), two teenage sisters (Sofia Black-D’Elia, Analeigh Tipton) try to survive an apocalyptic viral outbreak that leads to a quarantine.


Chad (Guest Reviewer) – Just another apocalyptic zombie film. That was the thought going through my mind as I sat down to watch this movie.

As far as the premise goes that is more or less what this is, but with a solid enough plot it doesn’t do to badly in setting up an interesting story. The reason for the zombie outbreak also lends a different dimension to the story as it suggests that these mindless creatures are victims of a parasitic organism brought about by a mutated worm flu virus. It starts off at a decent enough pace while keeping you engaged, half way through it starts slowing down before rushing through to the ending.

Though the characters are plagued with making silly decisions throughout, this in some ways can be forgiven when keeping in mind that they are teenagers whom you really wouldn’t expect the greatest of ideas to be coming from.

A different take on an old zombie horror formula effectively keeping you watching till the very end. 7.5/10

Storm – The plot of this movie is surprisingly coherent. As a Scientist, I expected the epidemiological aspects to fall flat on its face. Instead, this movie gives a War-of-the-Worlds kind of authenticity. The only misnomer is the name but lets agree that “Pandemic” does not sound as catchy.

The lead characters make questionable decisions that are totally forgivable because in this movie genre, teenagers are rebellious idiots.

What Viral is missing is the Why but fairs pretty well regardless. This movie is not what I expected it to be which is a good thing. 7/10

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