Sy Klink Soos Lente – “Local is Lekker”

What would you do if you met the girl of your dreams and realised you weren’t good enough for her? You’d lie, of course!

Ben (Stiaan Smith), a handsome mechanic meets Linda (Amalia Uys), a beautiful and outspoken auditor in a bar one night. They start chatting and there is an immediate attraction, but when Linda asks Ben what he does for a living, he lies and tells her he’s the lead singer in a band. Because Linda isn’t only too good for him, her father is also his boss.

Linda immediately likes this charming muso, and when they fall for each other, Ben is compelled to start a band to conceal his lie and to win the dream girl of his heart.


Natalie (Guest Reviewer) – Sy klink soos lente! If you are English speaking you typically won’t think of going to watch this movie. But if you believe that “Local is Lekker” and willing to try, you will not be disappointed. For the novice Afrikaans speakers there are English subtitles which can be distracting at times unless you enjoy foreign movies and are used to it.

The movie overall gets a 7/10 as it is well written and keeps you laughing with witty one-liners. The score is well composed of different music genres and the cast are no strangers as were used to seeing some of them on the small screen. This movie comes highly recommended for a girl’s night or as a movie date with a significant other.

Let us have your thoughts on the movie.

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