Arrival – “Read between the lines”

Linguistics professor Louise Banks (Amy Adams) leads an elite team of investigators when humongous spaceships touch down in 12 locations around the world. As nations teeter on the verge of global war, Banks and her crew must race against time to find a way to communicate with the extraterrestrial visitors.

Hoping to unravel the mystery, she takes a chance that could threaten her life and quite possibly all of mankind.


“Caryn (Guest)” – Arrival was unlike any film I’ve seen before, and I say this as someone who was not much of a science fiction fan until recently, and my experience with alien lore was limited to Men II Black and Roswell. Arrival surpassed  all my expectations of what I thought the film would be.

And that’s exactly how you should go into Arrival – without expectation because the film readjusts and turns the entire genre on it’s head with it’s storyline, cliffhangers and it’s exposition of it. I gasped more times than I could count.

It tells the story of a mysterious extraterrestrial object that lands in specific points around the world and the US’s attempt to communicate with the aliens using linguistics and science. Amy Adams plays the main character beautifully, a linguistics professor who is dedicated to her craft and would stop at nothing to create some sort of communication with the aliens. And it makes sense, if extraterrestrials did come to earth, the most important thing would be to try and understand their purpose through the use of language, and who better to do that than a linguistics expert.

arrival 1.jpg

The film itself takes the viewer on a narrative journey that makes you feel the depths of emotions, keeps you constantly on your guard and at times even confused. It is smart, heavy and makes you question everything that you think you know about other life forms, the science fiction genre, and even Jeremy Renner’s acting capabilities (he impressed me). This is definitely one of the best films I have seen this year and is a classic science fiction in the making. 9/10

“That Nomad Shad” – Welcome to the Alien invasion movie where the greatest threat to humanity is…the language barrier! Watch in awe as Louis Lane and Hawkeye team up to figure out what the hell the aliens are saying…


Arrival isn’t your typical pew-pew alien sci-fi movie and it’s a good thing for it too. It’s a slow-burn drama, which is grips you from start to finish. I never though watching a movie that focused on language would be so enthralling.


I can’t delve into it’s story complexities because it’ll spoil everything. Yip, this is one of those give-away-something-tiny- and-end- up-spoiling- the-entire- film films. The story is surprising well-crafted and doesn’t buckle under its own complexities, so please pee before the movie or hold it in.


Amy Adams stole the show in this one… She’s phenomenal. You’ll really get invested in her character and the journey she takes as a Linguistics lecturer. This comes to my only real gripe and that’s Renner’s character feels a tad underused…This is not a film that everyone will enjoy, but I loved it! 8.5/10


Let us know what you thought of the movie!

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  1. This movie looks so good and the reviews are phenomenal. I hope it’s not just a lot of hype. I still really want to see it before it goes off circuit. I thought it might be just another alien movie but it seems to be a cut above most of the others.

    I’m curious about this Men II Black movie though lol… probably a sci-fi musical hey? lol

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  2. “And that’s exactly how you should go into Arrival – without expectation because the film readjusts and turns the entire genre on it’s head with it’s storyline, cliffhangers and it’s exposition of it. I gasped more times than I could count.” – I think you hit the nail on the head here! There were plenty of gasps in my theater as well.

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  3. I enjoyed the story – but the pace of the movie was way too slow for my liking. I felt like I had watched a 3-hour film by the time I walked out of the cine.


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