Desierto – “Run! It’s NEGAN!”

When their truck suddenly breaks down, a migrant named Moises leads 13 others on a trek through the harsh terrain along the U.S.-Mexico border. Inconvenience soon turns into horror as the sounds of gunfire shatter the tranquil desert landscape.

Desperate and on the run, the survivors find themselves in a fight for their lives against a psychotic sniper and his vicious hunting dog. Moises must now use his wits and instincts to kill the relentless predator before he claims more victims.


Tashneem– What starts out as a smooth drive of escaping Mexico by crossing the border, turns into a hellish nightmare for 14 migrants when a die-hard “build-that-wall” racist predator, Sam (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), takes matters into his own hands by killing them off one-by-one. The remaining survivors are led by fellow migrant Moises (Gael Garcia Bernal), fighting for their lives against the harsh desert, starvation, snakes, dry-lips, tennis elbow, high-jumps, cacti, NEGAN and his brutal pet dog.

Sam’s mission is to ironically establish his own justice in the ‘land of the free’, since hatred is so much stronger than sympathy it’s finally beginning to trend. Although the message is one of great importance, even more so since Trump just won the election, it lacks depth, execution and it’s too far broad to unpack.

Coldly attempting to show us both sides of the BORDER BATTLE (that of the hated and the hater) but failing to do so since there’s little to NO character build-up. Inevitably, this leaves us with little to NO chance of empathizing with any of the characters. It vaguely hints and lightly touches on the reasons for the refugees leaving their country, and the utter loneliness suffered by Sam. (BOO-HOO you’re lonely, find a hobby that doesn’t involve killing innocent victims of circumstance.)

But it’s still not enough to actually leave you feeling something…anything. I really wanted to like this movie, but just cannot overlook all its obvious flaws. Even the talents and beauty of Bernal and Morgan couldn’t save this emotionless wreck.

Watch it if you’re bored or whenever you choose. That’s the best thing about freedom of choice 😉 4.3/10

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