A United Kingdom – “Love CONQUERS All!”

In the 1940s, Prince Seretse Khama of Botswana shocks the world when he marries a white woman from London, and tries to return home to the objection of the South African government.


“The Chairman” – I went into the screening with little knowledge of Seretse Khama and the impact he had on the entire Southern African region when the apartheid government was really making their presence known around the world.

The movie itself was good, it did have a very local production feel about it, though. It has the same flaws as most period movies, but has the benefit of sharing a life story of a little-known world leader keeping the audience engaged the entire time.

The fact that he married a white woman is secondary to the leader he was to his people, and they go through experiences that few of us would tolerate and the sacrifices they make for their love and land is something to behold. The performances of the leads were excellent and worth the ticket price by themselves. I see a few award nominations coming their way. 7.5/10

“Tashneem” – This movie hits all the feelers for all the right reasons. Based on a true story you can’t help but feel angry, sad, guilty, relief, happy and most importantly hopeful. We learn how the shitty South African Apartheid regime impacted and screwed the rest of the world, how everything is connected and how villainous those two-faced whiny and bitchy politicians really were when shit hath hitteth the fan.

The cast is amazing with many familiar South African faces from our very own daily soapies. The film leaves you with that beautiful ‘false’ sense of security that love truly can overpower corruption and JUSTICE can prevail. Great feeling to have just before Christmas, now bring on that Michael Buble!

7.5/10 – Watch it to be informed about a history lesson most of us missed and to get a bit of that hope we all need!


  1. David Oyelowo(Seretse Khama) and real-life wife Jessica Oyelowo(Lady Lilly Canning) happen to star in the movie together. 

2. The real Naledi Khama, portrayed by Terry Pheto in the film, died at age 90 this year. 

Our interview with Terry Pheto for A United Kingdom:

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