Marvel Phase 4: The way forward for Marvel Cinematic Universe – The Chairman’s View

I think we can all agree that Infinity War will draw an end to the MCU as we know it. Fanboys will have to get used to not seeing Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans again. In fact, I doubt the Avengers will ever “ASSEMBLE” again, well at least this version.

So here is my idea for the way forward, which I see as 4 movies. I feel that this can only work if they pick up the story 4-5 years after the events in Infinity War, and now Spider-Man has replaced Iron Man as the face of Marvel.

Spider-Man: Carnage

This would be a better version of the Spider-Man 3 that we got, but instead of the alien symbiote of Venom this time the meteor would have the Carnage symbiote. I think this would be a great way to introduce the character of Kraven the Hunter and White Tiger.

(Location: New York or East Coast)

Spiderman.jpg Kraven.jpg

Pym Corp

Janet & Scott have recruited like-minded members, in the memory of Hank Pym, to defend the Western Hemisphere as part of the Sokovia Accords. Let’s say, War Machine, Vision & Scarlet Witch are to be members. Going up against The Leader and a mind-controlled Red Hulk (Gen. Ross).

(Location: San Francisco or West Coast)

Leader.jpg   red_hulk_200.jpg

Captain America: Reborn

Look, I would love Bucky to take over the role of Captain America, but with the way the character has been written, he is liable to turn bad at any moment. Sam Wilson is the New Cap, to show that even a normal man can take on those with extraordinary powers. Captain America needs to be a symbol again.

With a symbiote- infested Baron Zemo as the villain. The former landing spots of Thor have made inter-dimensional travel easier at those points. Captain Marvel needs to show up at the end along with Red Skull.

(Location: Texas)


New Avengers: Red Tide

The greater plan has been revealed, Red Skull’s contact with the Tesseract gave him the ability to disperse pieces of himself (Carnage Symbiote) through dimensions with the goal of freeing him from the world similar to the mirror dimension in Dr Strange.

The New Avengers would consist of Captain America, Spider-Man, Red Hulk (free), Ant-Man, Captain Marvel & Dr Strange and they would go up against ‘The Cabal’ Red Skull, Baron Zemo, The Leader & Graviton.

(Location: Canada)

Red skull.jpg

These are just base ideas for the direction of the MCU. The locations are hugely important and would tie in with agreements set in the Sokovia Accords. There should be an emphasis on the villains going forward, and I think these movies would do just that.

So what do you guys think? The Chairman chasing fairies? Leave a comment.

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