Their Finest – “Wonderfully British”

In 1940, a married woman (Gemma Arterton) and a screenwriter (Sam Claflin) develop a growing attraction while working together on a propaganda film about the evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk, France.


“The Chairman” – Walking into this movie I was extremely skeptical about the world we live in (this was the same week I saw SONG TO SONG).  I said “what the heck this can’t be worse”, and I am pleased to say ‘Their Finest’ restored my faith in movies. In fact it has restored my faith in humanity and the the strength of the human spirit.

A second movie about Dunkirk in this year raised alarm bells in my head, but trust me this will be a vastly different film to the Christopher Nolan’s epic set for release in July. Let us all remember that Hollywood loves movies about the movie making experience.

This is how you will be looking at the end of the movie, I was.

The cast bring to life an excellently written script with charming performances namely from Bill Nighly (the veteran actor looking for that one last hit), Gemma Arterton (a woman quickly rising up the ranks of recognized screenwriters) and Sam Claflin (a young man spared the harsh reality of war in order to inspire the troops and the world). The rarely seen combination of great acting and witty writing should be praised and celebrated.

Go out and see this, it deserves your attention. 8.5/10

PS. You may hate Jack Huston even more after seeing him this. #IwillneverforgetBenHur

 “Storm” –  The moment this movie started I thought: “oh boy, a periodical!” (I encourage you to read that with every inch of sarcasm that was intended), BUT  I was pleasantly surprised. “Their Finest” is extremely well written and equally executed. I cannot fault this movie! Set in the Second World War and focusing on the battle at Dunkirk works for it. This picture seamlessly explores the ridiculous social standards imposed on woman. In particular, highlighting gender inequities in the work place that sadly is still relevant today, 77 years later.

Their Finest is a good movie that will probably be swept under the rug as it shares its opening weekend in SA with Wonder Woman and Baywatch. Do yourself a favour and go see this movie. You’ll not be disappointed.


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