L’Odyssee (The Odyssey) – “Blue Beauty”

Thirty years in the life of Capt. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the researcher, scientist, inventor, and filmmaker whose contributions made the general public more curious about the sea.


“Storm” – L’Odyssee is a beautiful film that explores not only the depths of the oceans, but delves into the precarious relationship between man and nature. At a time where mother-nature’s best interest could not be more relevant, this movie does an outstanding job at highlighting the importance of marine conservation. If you’re not an avid scuba diver or National Geographic fan, this movie is your perfect insight into what lies beneath the deep blue…and as a bonus, there is an actual story.

As the title eludes to, this is a French movie, but don’t let the subtitles dissuade you. 7.5/10

“The Chairman” – The story of Jacques Cousteau with a bit of a South African flavour to it, given that it was mostly shot in SA.

On the movie itself, I have to say that I am very pleased by the level of biopics we are getting these days. The Odyssey doesn’t disappoint at all, it’s an intimate and personal exploration of the life of the world renowned explorer. The power of pulling back the veil can never be underestimated in humanizing larger than life characters. Jacques was human and had deep flaws even in the way he treated the planet he loves so much.

All the French actors brought their A-game, especially Pierre Niney, Lambert Wilson & Audrey Tautou. Their chemistry as a dysfunctional family came easily, drawing you in and taking you to some really dark places. Now with every good comes some bad. The South African cast pushing an American accent over your thick South African accent is never going to pass the smell test.


The highlight here was the absolutely beautiful cinematography, an underwater heaven as we have never seen in a feature film. The water itself felt like a character giving a power and awe-inspiring performance. And the Oscar goes to……the Ocean?!? Well worth your time and money. 7/10

Seems to be a love-fest from The Chairman for this foreign language film. What are your thoughts on the movie? Leave your comments.


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