Vuil Wasgoed – Laundry Day

Wim and Kevin work at a laundromat. By day, things are boring, but when the sun sets they party in their clients’ clothes. During a party, they discover a chopped-off finger in a client’s suit’s jacket. The underhanded owner of the finger, his sons and a ruthless traitor is hot on Wim and Kevin’s heels and have no regard for their safety.



Chanell (Guest Hooligan) – Vuil Wasgoed is an action comedy about two friends, Kevin (Bennie Fourie) and Wim (Bouwer Bosch), who work at a laundromat for a living. They have big dreams of one day owning their own coffee shop. All changes when they find a severed finger in one of their client’s jackets.

Kevin and Wim are drawn into the power struggle of a local crime family, when the head of the family gets betrayed by his right hand man, Tom (Tim Theron), who cuts off his right hand finger. Tom hands his jacket in for a clean at the laundromat, and neglects to take the finger out of the pocket.

With a bounty out on Tom, and the head of the crime family wanting his finger back, things spiral out of control very quickly for Kevin and Wim.

This action comedy “borrows” many of its plot elements from typical comedy movies, but it is just as funny as it would be in your typical Hollywood action comedy.

I had high hopes for the movie after watching the kykNet short film, but was left slightly disappointed after the movie turned out to be somewhat mediocre and run of the mill. Nonetheless, the movie is still enjoyable when you are looking for some mindless entertainment and I was pleasantly surprised by our local actor’s portrayal of their roles in the movie.



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