The Chairman’s View – 5 Directors who could replace James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy 3

We all have a good idea of who is going to replace James Gunn for GotG 3 -Taika Waititi – but here are a few other choices for Disney to mull over. My criteria for this job, a background in Sci-Fi, Action & Comedy. Oh, and cheap.

Edgar Wright

After being dropped as the director of Ant-Man, this could be a chance for the studio to mend a few bridges with Edgar. It is highly unlikely for the studio to make this offer or for Edgar to accept, but we are here holding out hope for a resolution.


Luc Besson

His is only on this list due to the visuals he has been able to put together when dealing with Space Opera’s. The characters and cast already have a good chemistry going, and with studio still using James’ script Luc wouldn’t need to work on his weakest aspect.


Neill Blomkamp

Yes, he is on this list because he is South African. He needs a break in his life after the “Alien” project was taken from him. His resume of District 9, Elysium & Chappie descended in quality but still has a recognisable style about them and maybe the Guardians need to go a bit darker after Infinity War.


Brad Bird

The highly successful animation director who got his hands burnt with Tomorrowland. He is already in the Disney family and will be able to keep with the tone of the series.


George Miller

Here is my favorite for the job, he has experience working with projects in turmoil and producing a brilliant end results. His style is also very malleable with previous movies which include Happy Feet and Mad Max.


What do you think of my choices? Do you have any of your own picks?

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