That Nomad Shad – Top 5 Favourite Monster Designs

From the hulking titans of Godzilla to the horrific Brundlefly, monsters have graced the silver screen since its inception. A truly great monster design can inspire awe, fear, or total disgust, and burn them in the memories of the audiences for years to come.

This week Godzilla smashes its way back onto the silver screen and I’ve decided to look at some of my favourite monster designs! Today, I’m delving into my favourite monster designs


5. Godzilla – Godzilla


The King of the Monsters may have a simple design but makes all the more iconic. Its mutated dinosaur-like figure makes Godzilla feel ancient yet powerful. Add to that its massive stature, the glowing spines, and the iconic nuclear breath and you have a majestic beast capable of mass destruction.

4. Brundlefly – The Fly

The Brundlefly is simply disgusting. This horrifying humanoid will forever haunt my memory.

3. Pale Man – Pan’s Labyrinth

Another simple yet effective design, just a humanoid with eyes in its hands. It doesn’t sound scary until he appears on screen. The Pale Man evokes a sense of otherness, a twisted human being. Everything about the Pale Man is unsettling and that’s what earns him his spot.

2. Predator – Predator

Predator is one of the coolest alien designs in cinematic history. It is a combination of advanced tech and the primal. The Predator is covered with an array of alien hunting tech which covers a terrifying bloodthirsty animal-like creature. Perhaps the predator is the perfect analogy for man.

1. Alien – Alien

I’m gonna cheat a little and add the entire alien lifecycle to this one. The Alien is one of the most unique looking creatures in cinema, with many designers borrowing from H.R. Giger’s original design. The Alien looks like an animal, but thanks to the amazing design work, evokes a sense of foreignness. For lack of a better word, it feels alien. Its sleek yet imposing figure makes it feel as quick as it is powerful. A creature that will relentlessly hunt whatever prey may come its way.


What are your favourite monster designs? Let us know in the comments.

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